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"What an unusual record M.RUX’s Vermonische Melodien is. The instrumentals here have been made entirely with synthesisers built by Vermona, a company that operated in the former East Germany and fell with the Berlin wall, and the vocals are largely produced by a combination of an IBM 704 - the world’s oldest piece speech-synthesis hardware - and a variety of vocoders. When combined at M.RUX’s behest this strange array of equipment produces a kind of kitschified kosmische sound that is curiously charming. ‘Bakelit’ sounds like Delia Derbyshire trying to make music for an episode of The Clangers where they take a trip to some place warm." - Bleep

M.RUX - In The Hold

Berlin's M Rux is known for an artistic whimsy that sees him stray from tough beats to down-tempo Balearic psychedelia and even leftfield soundscapes. Here on In The Hold, he fuses elements of all these style to great effect. There are six cuts, highlights of which include the quirky blues-meets-tech-pop of "Over The Hill", the fragile minimal beats and ancient blues vocals of "Someone Else" and the low-slung late night atmospherics of "Whats The Matter Now". Top quality stuff!

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